Our certifications.

Thanks to the skills and serious commitment of the whole organization, P.R. PLASTIC operates through a CERTIFIED QUALITY SYSTEM UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard; this is for the design and production of technical articles in thermoplastic material by injection moulding and for the marketing of complementary plastic and metal items. This standard is the worldwide known reference for the management of the Quality of any organization that intends to respond to the growing competitiveness in the markets through the customer satisfaction improvement, the rationalization of internal processes and the reduction of waste and inefficiencies.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of certified OEKOTEX 100 standard articles, stating the absence of harmful substances for human health; in particular PR PLASTIC products are certified in Class I, that is even for baby items. The articles are highlighted with the OEKOTEX label on the www.prplastic.it website. The OEKOTEX standard 100 certification offers a solid and scientifically proven standard for the human-ecological safety of textile products, which considers the globalized and extremely fragmented nature of the textile chain. The Oeko-Tex® label is an important decision-making indicator for the purchase dept., as it points out that the certified accessories have the added value to have been tested for safety of human health.

The certified articles meet the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH as well as the requirements of the American CIPSIA legislation concerning the lead content in children's articles.

P.R. PLASTIC declines any responsibility for damages caused by any improper use of its products. In particular, we cannot guarantee that an item is suitable for a specific use, therefore it is necessary that the customer performs the necessary tests to prove the expected outcomes. The technical data and the product range shown on this site have not to be considered binding.

All sales are handled according to P.R. PLASTIC general sales conditions.


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