Design and Customization

Upon request we design and manufacture moulds for the production of customized items, suitable to solve our customers’ various needs. We support in finding the right solution for a specific requirement, starting from the realization of the technical drawing, the production of the prototypes in different materials, the manufacture of the mould itself and the proposal of the articles in different materials.
Furthermore, to make an item “unique and exclusive”, both for standard items and special customer’s products, we can add a logo:


  • In high relief (embossed)
  • In low-relief
  • By laser (light low relief or deep low relief)
  • by pad printing
  • by hot printing (for metalized and glossy colors)

Logo in high relief (embossed)

Logo in low-relief

Logo by laser deep low relief

Logo by hot printing (for metalized and glossy colors)

Logo by pad printing

Logo by light laser low relief

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