Snap curved buckle “FCVF”

Plastic bayonet claps of 25 mm:

The plastic snap buckle “FCVF FORTE” is a very sturdy closure. It joins excellent elasticity with mechanical resistance. This buckle is used for leads and pets articles but also for agriculture, tents and tarpaulins, caravans and camping, gazebos, covers, protection and prevention, bags and leather goods, sport equipment, medical and orthopedic aids.

The FCVF is available for 25 mm straps, combinable with extra large adjusters to allow the deep thick tapes use. The range expands with the FCV curved buckles without a safety device available in the 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm sizes. (available on the website in the “BUCKLES” section).

 Come and discover them !

Snap curved buckle “FCVF”
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